Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dispatches from DC #16
11 July 2012

Hello there... Rodger French here.

On the off chance that any of you are wondering what has become of your erstwhile correspondent, please be advised that I am alive and relatively well, notwithstanding a strained gluteus medius and an inappropriately timed head cold. A.J. and I emptied out and exited our excellent digs in Arlington, VA almost two weeks ago and have taken to the open road in a rental car; the “Toaster” (my favourite vehicle of all time) having been sold and destined to an interesting future in Guatemala. Long story.

The highlight of our journey so far was a thrilling nighttime drive through the mountains of West Virginia during the infamous “derecho” of June 29 that took out electrical power for four million people. This qualified as high adventure indeed, in as much as it entailed dodging trees blowing across Interstate 64W.

The rest of the drive from VA to AL via WV, KY, and TN was pretty routine, although we too were subject to triple-digit temperatures and the warmest June in, like, recorded history. But we’ve had some very nice visits with family and are taking care of sundry matters before returning to DC, there to depart for Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 16, a prospect that still seems somehow spectacularly surreal.

We are scheduled to touch down at Ministro Pistarini International Airport on the morning of July 17, there to be wisked away to our deluxe intown apartment, where we will be greeted by a tango orquesta típica and feted with malbec wine and an enormous asado (roughly, BBQ). Or perhaps not… In any event, I will endeavor to establish a high-speed intertoobz connection in our domicile ASAP, the better to start inflicting your inbox with the next edition of these possibly diverting travelogues, to wit:  “Bulletins From BA.”

Speaking of which, we have a new mailing address, complete with a U.S. Zip Code. If any of you decide you simply must send us something – anything - let me know and I will pass it on to you. Meanwhile, be well, stay cool, and look to the southern hemisphere for word.

Onward. (Adelante.)


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