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Bulletins From BA #32

Bulletins From BA #32
06 julio 2014

¡Hola! there… Rodger French here.

World Cup Report #5 - Más Conjetura: Semi-Finals Edition

- Brazil vs. Germany

Preference: The Brazil-Colombia match devolved into a horror show (54 fouls) thanks to an apparent Brazilian decision to abandon any pretense of “O Jogo Bonito” (“The Beautiful Game”) in favor of a hyper-aggressive game plan. This, predictably, resulted in an escalation of violence, exacerbated in no small measure by the referee’s unbelievable lack of control of the match. Germany is tough, but they generally avoid viciousness. I prefer their game.

Prediction: The Brazil side, “A Seleção” (”The Selection”), face the Semi-Finals without their captain (two yellow cards) and their star striker (broken vertebra; the result of a challenge that bordered on assault). Home team or not, the odds that they will prevail are now pretty long. Germany should move on to the Finals.

- Argentina vs. The Netherlands

Preference: Lionel Messi was double-teamed and mortal, but Argentina did manage one goal (although they should have had two) against Belgium. So, La Albiceleste continue to underachieve their way through the tournament, with high drama being the order of the day, as seems congruous with the Argentine temperament. Buenos Aires is a great place to be a sports fan these days.

Prediction: Having failed to score a goal in 120 minutes against prohibitive underdog Costa Rica (despite being on offense most of the game), the Netherlands needed penalty kicks for the win. “Clockwork Orange” is definitely beatable, and if Argentina brings it’s A game, we can reach the Finals. Sí se puede.

Predicted Finals Matchup
Germany vs. Argentina



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