Friday, September 18, 2015

Messages From Myanmar #03

Messages From Myanmar #03
18 September 2015

Hello there… Rodger French here.

Just checking in… it’s a strange transitional time here. The seasons are slowly changing from “monsoon” to “winter,” so we have more sunshine interspersed with occasional thunderstorms, and seemingly fewer days (like today) when the rain socks us in. And, of course, it’s always very warm and humid. I have been advised that there is temperate weather on the horizon, days when the locals reportedly break out scarves and light jackets. I remain skeptical.

In addition to seasonal change, A.J. and I are slowly making the transition from newly arrived gringos to actual resident gringos. Word is that shipments containing our stuff are scheduled to arrive soon(ish) by air and sea. That would be very nice. And, thanks to the housekeeping staff, the white mold that was taking over the maid’s quarters that we plan to use for storage has been vanquished by a winning combination of strong chemicals, a serious fan, and a big-ass dehumidifier. We are ready and confidence is high(ish).

As advertised, I have applied for a position in the Embassy that is pretty much the same job as I had in Buenos Aires. The bureaucracy is now doing its thing and, since I would need an upgrade in my security clearance (Official Nomenclature: “Super Secret Squirrel”) should they offer me the gig, it could be weeks, nay, months before I begin. Same song, different verse.

Meanwhile, I shop, cook, and perform wingman duties as needed. Also, every day, más o menos, I practice the wonderful Tango arrangements I received from Rodolfo Mederos, a quien extraño mucho. Being a project-oriented guy, I am considering reserving the Function Room downstairs and presenting un pequeño concierto for anyone who might be interested in esta música excelente. Could happen.

And that’s the scoop for now. Expect more soon, including photoz. Meanwhile, I think it might be worthwhile to spend some time listening to the rhythm of the rain.



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