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Messages From Myanmar #21

Messages From Myanmar #21
Australian Vacation Special - Part 6 of 6
14 September 2016

Photo Update Alert:

Day 16 - Tues., 08/30 - Hobart

The agenda called for yet another leisurely drive, this time to the Tasmanian capital of Hobart, via the coast road. We stopped for a photo break (also, post cards and Glucojels) in Swansea and a lunch break in Sorell (great fish & chips, restroom at the McDonald’s across the road) before arriving at Lenna of Hobart, a fabulous hotel set in an 1874 sandstone mansion, as well as a more modern annex. It was very deluxe and a short walk from the harbour, and we spent the evening just poking around the ‘hood.

Day 17 - Weds., 08/31 - Sydney

It was our last day in Tasmania, but we had plenty of time before the flight to Sydney, so we took a walk up the hill to Battery Point and then decided to embark on a short harbour cruise; which, much to our chagrin, doesn’t operate on Wednesday. Instead, we went to the Maritime Museum of Tasmania, a small gem located in the Carnegie Building (the same Carnegie, alright) and packed with interesting displays and artifacts. Hobart has a complex and fascinating maritime history.

We took lunch at Mures Lower Deck, a sprawling and obviously very successful family-owned operation on Victoria Dock at the harbour. Anne and I agreed: The crumble-battered scallops were the best we’ve ever had. And then it was time to go.

We drove to the Hobart International Airport, home of the easiest rental car gas fill-up on the planet, turned in our excellent vehicle, and caught the plane to Sydney. Our hotel, conveniently located near the Sydney Airport, had an early morning shuttle, so there was plenty of time for last minute repacking.

We ate our final meal of this epic adventure at one of the hotel restaurants. It’s called “La Boca” and bills itself as “Vibrant - Unique - Argentinian.” It even has an asado. Lo prometo, esta es la verdad.

Day 18 - Thurs., 09/01 - Yangon

No surprises today. We arose well before the sun, caught the shuttle, did the standard airport security kabuki, and got on the plane. We had decided to spring for exit row seats and the added legroom made it easier to face an eight-hour flight to Singapore. Good movie flight, too - caught up on two big, dumb “Marvel Universe” flicks. From Singapore, it was three hours to Yangon, where an Embassy motorpool vehicle was waiting (a most convenient feature of R&R). Then, heavy rain and massive traffic backups. Welcome home.

Anne and I find ourselves in a line of work that affords wonderful opportunities for travel. We have served on four continents (counting North America) and, by my count, have traveled together to nineteen different countries in the past ten years. This is not what I expected to be doing at this stage of life and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to see so much of the world. It is something that we never take for granted.

Thanks for letting us share our journey with you. Next stop: Angkor Wat.



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