Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bulletins From BA #42

Bulletins From BA #42
21 mayo 2015

Photo Update Alert:
  “Museo Anconetani”

¡Hola! there… Rodger French here.

With less than a month to go in Buenos Aires, a fact with which I’m still coming to terms, Anne and I have shifted into what may be insufficiently described as hyper-organized-chaos mode. Boxes and checklists litter the apartment, as we pack and simultaneously attempt to edit our possessions, an indubitably frustrating exercise. Granted, none of this should come as a shock; after all, technically, we’ve had months to prepare. Doesn’t matter. Burma awaits and the chaos will not be denied.

But we’re not gone just yet and Buenos Aires is certainly not quite finished with me. My weekly classes with Rodolfo Mederos have been routinely inspiring and I continue working con entusiasmo to absorb as much as possible from him in order to enhance whatever musicality I may possess. Maestro Mederos has also opined (twice, now) that I should record an album of tango duets with contrabass, a suggestion I am taking muy seriously.

[Music Calendar Sidebar - FWIW, some of you in the States will have an opportunity to appraise the results of all this exertion for yourselves this summer. Gigs are booked and more information will be forthcoming. Watch this space.]

Speaking of accordion-related stuff, I finally had the pleasure of visiting the Museo Anconetani del Acordeón ( in barrio Chacarita. The Anconetani family has been in the accordion business since 1896 and, although they no longer manufacture instruments, they continue to offer sales and repairs. Ricardo, buen amigo and most esteemed travel agent, set up an appointment to tour the museum and the shop next door. The tour was friendly and fascinating, and we ventured very deep into the weeds of accordion geekitude. Muy divertido.

As a result, it appears that I will have the honor of performing "Un pequeño concierto de Tango" at the museum one evening before our departure on 19 junio; un último proyecto musical in this extraordinarily musical city. It really is true, kidz: The more you practice, the luckier you get.

Meanwhile, A.J. has bidness in Chile (Valparaiso, Santiago y La Serena) next week and I get to come along for the ride. At long last. This will be my first visit to Chile, as well as the final trip of our three-year posting in Argentina. Una última aventura… before the chaos engulfs us utterly.